KindBeef.com – Free Range Grass-fed Beef + Feeding the Hungry

Welcome to KindBeef.com — Retail delivery coming in 2016.

What is KindBeef.com?
Our purpose is to produce and deliver high-quality, grass-fed beef to folks nation-wide, as well as feeding the hungry/impoverished with  donations, financial support and volunteering.

Retail delivery coming in 2016
KindBeef.com will launch national retail delivery in 2016. We are offering pre-launch specials for friends and family starting in late 2015.

Pre-launch Special
If you are interested in being a pre-launch VIP customer, we will reward you with wholesale prices. Please fill out our Contact Us form and we will confirm your pre-launch VIP status and send you more information via email.

What products will KindBeef.com offer?
We will offer free-range, grass-fed beef delivered to your door: strip steaks, rib-eye steaks, tenderloin/filet steaks, sirloin steaks, hamburger, roasts/brisket, beef jerky and more. The beef will be vacuum-sealed and shipped directly to you via a USDA approved facility.

How are you feeding the hungry?
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to non-profits dedicated to supporting the hungry and less fortunate. We are also dedicated to volunteering and fund-raising efforts.

Where is KindBeef.com located? 
Our business headquarters is located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Where is the free range, grass-fed beef raised?
Our free range, grass-fed beef is raised is Kansas, Missouri and Colorado.

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